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Welcome to legend_elite! This is an elite icon community for Legend of the Seeker, the television series. Only high quality icons will be permitted to be posted here. In order to gain posting access, you must apply first. In order to be approved, you will need a Yes answer from 2 out of three mods on your application. If you don't want to apply, feel free to watch the community and enjoy the work posted here. Have fun, and I look forward to reviewing your apps! :)

Your friendly mods are:

1. Read all the rules located on the application page before applying.

2. 3 teasers, then an LJ cut.

3. Large graphics under a cut.

4. Requests are not allowed.

5. No promoting. There are tons of other places for that.

6. Posting a link to your friends only or members only journal is okay, but please state in your post that you are FO or MO.

7. Remember, this is a community for LOTS, please make sure your post contains 3 or more icons related to Legend of the Seeker. If you don't follow this rule, you will be warned and then your post will be deleted.
1: Read all the rules in the application post before applying.

2: Do NOT try to JOIN the community. You will be invited to be a member if your application is approved.

3: Comment here to apply. Include 5-10 of your best icons.

4: If you are not accepted, you may apply again in two weeks. NO SOONER.

5: Provide a link to your icon journal or community.

6: Put "The Book of Counted Shadows" in the subject line of your comment so we know you read the rules.

7: You must receive a yes from 2 mods before you are accepted. You will then be sent an invite to join the community. Don't attempt to post unless you are invited.

8: Don't be a drama queen. If you don't get accepted, take the criticism and try to better your work, then apply again.
Comment here to become an affiliate.


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